Unitech ASG1500VA 1500VA/900W UPS

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The Unitech ASG1000VA is a reliable and affordable UPS solution for your home or office. It features a 29Ah battery that provides up to 6 hours of runtime during power outages. The UPS also has a 2-6ms transfer time, ensuring that your equipment is protected from even the shortest power interruptions.

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Unitech ASG1500VA

1500VA/900W UPS

The Unitech ASG1500VA 1500VA/900W UPS:

The Unitech ASG1500VA is a robust and reliable uninterruptible power supply (UPS) designed to provide backup power to critical electronic equipment during power outages or voltage fluctuations. With a power capacity of 1500VA/900W, it offers ample power to keep your devices up and running, ensuring uninterrupted productivity and protection against data loss.

Unitech ASG1500VA 1500VA900W UPS
Unitech ASG1500VA 1500VA900W UPS

Advanced Microprocessor Control Technology:

One of the key features of the Unitech ASG1500VA is its advanced microprocessor control technology, which enables precise and efficient operation. This technology allows the UPS to monitor the incoming power supply and instantly switch to battery power when it detects any abnormalities, such as voltage sags, surges, or complete power failures. This seamless transition ensures that your connected devices remain powered and protected at all times.

High-Quality Sealed Lead-Acid Battery for Extended Backup Runtime:

The UPS comes equipped with a high-quality, maintenance-free sealed lead-acid battery, which provides extended backup runtime. The battery is capable of supplying power to connected devices for a significant duration, allowing you ample time to save your work and safely shut down your equipment during prolonged power outages.

Multiple Outlets for Battery Backup and Surge Protection:

The ASG1500VA UPS features multiple outlets, providing both battery backup and surge protection. These outlets are essential for connecting a variety of devices, such as computers, servers, networking equipment, gaming consoles, and home entertainment systems. The surge protection safeguards your equipment against power surges, spikes, and other electrical disturbances that could potentially damage sensitive electronics.

Informative LCD Display for Real-Time Monitoring:

To ensure user convenience and ease of use, the UPS incorporates an informative LCD display. The display provides real-time information regarding the UPS status, including input/output voltage, battery level, load level, and any active alarms or warnings. This valuable information allows you to monitor the UPS performance and take appropriate action if necessary.

Informative LCD Display for Real-Time Monitoring
Informative LCD Display for Real-Time Monitoring

Comprehensive Surge Suppression and Overload Protection:

For added safety and protection, the Unitech ASG1500VA offers comprehensive built-in surge suppression and overvoltage/overload protection. These features shield your valuable equipment from harmful electrical events, such as lightning strikes or power surges caused by faulty wiring or other external factors.

Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) for Stable Power Delivery:

The UPS supports Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR), which stabilizes the incoming voltage to a safe and optimal level. This capability not only protects connected devices from voltage fluctuations but also extends the battery life by reducing the frequency of battery discharges.

Smart Charging System for Energy Efficiency and Battery Life:

Designed with energy efficiency in mind, the ASG1500VA incorporates a smart charging system. This system optimizes the charging process, resulting in reduced energy consumption and prolonged battery life. It also features an automatic self-test function that regularly checks the UPS components and battery health, ensuring reliable operation and timely maintenance.

Compact and Sleek Design for Easy Integration:

In terms of physical design, the Unitech ASG1500VA offers a compact and sleek form factor that can be easily integrated into various environments, including home offices, small businesses, or server rooms. The UPS comes with mounting brackets, allowing you to conveniently install it on a wall or rack for space-saving purposes.

Conclusion: Reliable Power Protection for Various Applications:

The Unitech ASG1500VA 1500VA/900W UPS is a high-performance power protection solution suitable for a wide range of applications. With its reliable backup power, surge protection, informative display, and energy-efficient features, it offers peace of mind and uninterrupted operation for your valuable electronic devices.

unitech asg1000va 1500va/900w ups inside 29ah battery tranfer time
unitech asg1000va 1500va/900w ups inside 2*9ah

Part Number


U.P.S Configuration



with French style input power cable


with 4xEU output socket


Typical charging time 6-8 hours

Battery quantity

inside 2x9Ah battery


1 Warranty


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