We have been trusted advisors to egypt biggest companies, and we continue to grow with the help of more than 20,000 people in our network

Data center

We specialize in planning, designing, deploying and maintaining data centers and server rooms that integrate best infrastructure technologies.



We Build and maintain high performing Wired and wireless networks for Enterprise and SME

E-learning Interactive Video studio

We are Exclusive Partner in Egypt for Jalinge Video studio , we provide full support to help our customers to providing best E-learning experience 

Smart Home solutions

We provide the best home automation to operate appliances wirelessly 


Fire Alarm Management

We install, maintain, inspect and monitor fire alarm systems 

Access control and Finger Print

Smart security solutions. That gives you the privileges of controlling who enters which specific locations at specific times.

Parking system, persons gates and gates motors

We install, maintain, manage barriers gate for cars, parking sensor for garage, Parking paid solution, gates motor

Defense systems

We install, maintain defense systems solution for important places (road blocker, bollard, tier killer)

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