Unitech ASG1000-O online 1kva/0.9kw,pf0.9 UPS

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The Unitech ASG1000-O is a high-quality online UPS designed to provide reliable backup power for critical devices and systems. With a capacity of 1kVA/0.9kW and a power factor of 0.9, it ensures efficient power delivery. Equipped with two 9Ah batteries, it offers extended backup time during power outages. The UPS features a quick charging time of 4 hours and a seamless transfer time of 0 milliseconds, guaranteeing uninterrupted power supply.


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Unitech ASG1000-O

online 1kva/0.9kw,pf0.9 UPS

Unitech ASG1000-O online 1kva/0.9kw,pf0.9 UPS
Unitech ASG1000-O online 1kva/0.9kw,pf0.9 UPS

Robust Power Protection with the Unitech ASG1000-O Online UPS:

The Unitech ASG1000-O is a robust online uninterruptible power supply (UPS) designed to provide reliable and efficient power protection for critical electronic equipment. With a capacity of 1kVA (kilovolt-ampere) or 0.9kW (kilowatt) and a power factor (pf) of 0.9, this UPS is capable of delivering high-quality power to your devices while safeguarding them against power disruptions and fluctuations.

Reliable and Stable Power Supply with 1kVA/0.9kW Capacity and 0.9 Power Factor:

The UPS operates in an online mode, meaning that the connected equipment is constantly powered by the UPS’s inverter, which draws power from the battery and converts it to a clean and stable AC (alternating current) output. This online topology ensures that your devices receive a consistent power supply without any interruptions, even in the event of utility power failures or voltage irregularities.

Advanced Features and Technologies for Optimal Performance:

The UPS is designed to support a power factor of 0.9, which means it can deliver 90% of its rated power (0.9kW) to the connected load. This high power factor ensures efficient utilization of the UPS’s capacity and allows it to support a wide range of equipment, such as servers, networking devices, storage systems, and other critical IT infrastructure.

User-Friendly LCD Display and Comprehensive Protection Features:

The UPS is equipped with a user-friendly LCD display panel that provides comprehensive information about the system status, including input and output voltage, load level, battery level, and various alarm notifications. The display allows users to monitor the UPS’s performance and easily configure its settings using the intuitive control buttons.

Seamless Integration and Remote Monitoring with Communication Interfaces:

In terms of battery backup, the ASG1000-O incorporates a high-capacity sealed lead-acid battery, which can sustain the connected load for a certain duration during power outages. The battery charging process is managed by the UPS‘s intelligent charging system, which ensures optimal charging and prolongs the battery’s lifespan.

Ideal Choice for Businesses, Data Centers, and Critical Environments:

The UPS supports various communication interfaces, including USB and RS-232 ports, enabling seamless integration with computer systems and network management software. These interfaces allow for remote monitoring, configuration, and graceful shutdown of connected devices during extended power outages.

Unitech ASG1000-O online 1kva/0.9kw,pf0.9 UPS
Unitech ASG1000-O online 1kva/0.9kw,pf0.9 UPS

Part Number


U.P.S Configuration


Rating (VA/Watts)



Typical charging time 4 hours

Battery quantity

inside 2 pcs 9Ah battery


1 Warranty


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