Tenda I9 Wireless N300 Ceiling Model Access Point

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Tenda I9 Wireless N300

Ceiling Model Access Point

The Tenda i9 is a ceiling-mounted wireless access point intended for indoor settings like offices, bars, and coffee shops. Operating on the 2.4GHz band, it offers a maximum wireless speed of 300Mbps and can accommodate up to 25 connected devices.
Equipped with two high-gain omni-directional MIMO antennas, it ensures robust Wi-Fi coverage and penetration.
Additionally, users can adjust its power output to suit their environment. The device supports standard 802.3af PoE for convenient long-distance power supply without altering existing infrastructure.
Its simple design allows for easy wall or ceiling installation without disrupting the building’s structure. Furthermore, it integrates seamlessly with Tenda‘s wireless controllers for efficient management and deployment.

Omnidirectional antenna covered:

Utilizing cutting-edge chip technology from around the globe, this device ensures stable wireless network performance with its high-performance memory and CPU.
Equipped with two high-gain omni-directional antennas and 2X2 MIMO technology, it significantly enhances wireless speed and coverage.
Employing radio frequency coverage optimization, it effectively boosts signal strength and penetration, ensuring seamless coverage without dead zones even in densely populated indoor environments.
Based on empirical measurements in various hotels, it reliably covers 4-6 rooms spanning 300 square meters.
Tenda I9
Tenda I9

Multiple anti-interference technologies make your wireless network more stable:

By integrating various anti-interference mechanisms, the system can intelligently select the most suitable channel, effectively minimizing instances of same-frequency and electromagnetic interference.

This optimization significantly enhances the quality of the wireless signal, thereby ensuring a more stable wireless network connection.

Tenda I9 access point
Tenda I9 access point

Dual power supply mode, flexible and convenient:

The i9 offers a dual power supply mode which is more flexible and convenient compared to other products that only support single power supply.

With i9, you have the option to use either POE (Power over Ethernet) or DC power supply based on your specific requirements, making deployment simpler and construction more convenient.

Intelligent allocation of wireless resources to ensure quality of wireless communication:

The I9 system employs smart scheduling and restricts weak signal terminal access to efficiently allocate wireless resources.

This prevents low-rate users from taking up valuable resources, thereby boosting the overall network speed.

Additionally, it can fine-tune the threshold for accepting terminals with low signal strength, thereby enhancing the speed and reliability of the wireless network.


Supports multi-SSID and VLAN binding to protect data security:

The implementation of multi-SSID design enables support for VLAN and SSID binding, enhancing data security measures.

By associating different SSIDs with specific VLANs, the system can differentiate between internet access

and data access privileges based on the connected SSID, thereby safeguarding network data security.

Support integrated AC control, easy to operate and maintain:

i9 facilitates centralized management of wireless controllers, enabling automatic detection and recognition of APs without manual intervention.
With i9, a single wireless controller can effectively manage all APs in a wireless network, providing real-time monitoring of the entire network’s operations for streamlined management and maintenance.
I9 access point
I9 access point




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