KStar Mp Rt 6k H Rack Tower online 6kva/5.4kw Pf0.9 UPS

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The K Star Mp Rt 6k H Rack Tower is an online uninterruptible power supply (UPS) with a capacity of 6kVA/5.4kW and a power factor of 0.9. It is designed to provide reliable backup power to critical equipment and systems in various applications such as data centers, server rooms, telecommunications, industrial settings, and more.

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KStar Mp Rt 6k H

Rack Tower online 6kva/5.4kw Pf0.9 UPS

Introduction to the K Star Mp Rt 6k H Rack Tower UPS:

KStar Mp Rt 6k H Online UPS: The UPS operates in on-line mode, because of this that that the linked gadget continuously gets easy and strong energy, unaffected through energy fluctuations or interruptions from the software grid.

KStar Mp Rt 6k H Rack Tower online 6kva5.4kw Pf0.9 UPS
KStar Mp Rt 6k H Rack Tower online 6kva5.4kw Pf0.9 UPS

Design: Rack Tower Configuration:

KStar Mp Rt 6k H  Rack Tower Design: The UPS kSter is designed to be mounted in a standard 19-inch rack or used as a tower configuration, providing flexibility in installation options to suit different environments.

 High Capacity: 6kVA/5.4kW Power Output:

KStar Mp Rt 6k H High Capacity: With a capacity of 6kVA (kilovolt-ampere) or 5.4kW (kilowatt), the UPS can handle a considerable load, making it suitable for medium to large-scale applications.

Power Factor (PF) of 0.nine for Efficient Power Usage:

Power Factor (PF) of 0.9: The energy thing suggests the performance of energy usage. A power factor of 0.9 means that the UPS can convert 90% of the apparent power (VA) into real power (W), resulting in efficient power distribution and reduced energy waste.

Reliable Battery Backup for Uninterrupted Operation:

Reliable Battery Backup: The UPS is geared up with inner batteries that offer backup electricity withinside the occasion of a software electricity failure. This ensures uninterrupted operation of critical equipment, allowing for graceful shutdowns or continued operation until power is restored.

LCD Display for Real-Time System Monitoring:

LCD Display: The UPS functions an LCD show that offers real-time data approximately the device status, consisting of input/output voltage, load level, battery status, and diverse different parameters.. This allows for clean monitoring and manage of the UPS

Intelligent Battery Management for Optimal Performance:

Intelligent Battery Management: The UPS is geared up with clever battery control features, inclusive of computerized battery trying out and self-diagnostics, to make sure the fitness and most effective overall performance of the batteries.

Multiple Output Connections for Versatile Connectivity:

Multiple Output Connections: The UPS offers various output connection options, such as IEC C13 and C19 sockets, allowing for easy connectivity to a wide range of devices and equipment.

Advanced Protection Features for Equipment Safety:

Advanced Protection Features: The UPS gives complete safety in opposition to electricity anomalies, which include overvoltage, undervoltage, frequency variations, quick circuits, and temporary spikes. This helps safeguard connected equipment from potential damage.

Communication and Management Capabilities:

Communication and Management: The UPS supports various communication interfaces, such as USB, RS232, SNMP, and optional network cards, enabling remote monitoring, control, and management of the UPS through compatible software or network management systems.

KStar Mp Rt 6k H Rack Tower online ups 6kva5.4kw Pf0.9 UPS
KStar Mp Rt 6k H Rack Tower online ups 6kva5.4kw Pf0.9 UPS


Part Number

Mp Rt 6k H

U.P.S Configuration


Rating (VA/Watts)

6kva/5.4kw Pf0.9


Typical 0 ms Typical charging time 6-8 hours

Battery quantity

external battery type 20pcs


1 Warranty


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