Hikvision DS-KD-TDE Touch Display Module with EM Card Reader

The Hikvision DS-KD-TDE is a touch display module with an EM card reader that is part of the modular door station system. It has a 4-inch touch screen that can display a variety of information, including dial numbers, pin codes, contact lists, and advertisements. It can store up to 2000 contacts and has an IP65 and IK08 protection level, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Hikvision DS-KD-TDE

Touch Display Module with EM Card Reader

The Hikvision DS-KD-TDE Touch Display Module with EM Card Reader is a versatile and advanced access control device designed for various security applications. It combines a touch display module with an electromagnetic (EM) card reader, providing convenient and secure access control functionalities. You can find these products in the smart home section.


The touch display module features a high-resolution color touchscreen, allowing users to navigate through the device’s interface easily. It provides a user-friendly and interactive experience, enabling quick and intuitive operation for both administrators and users.

The EM card reader integrated into the module supports EM cards, which are widely used for access control purposes. Users can simply present their EM cards to the reader for authentication, granting them access to authorized areas or functions. EM cards are known for their reliability and compatibility, making them a popular choice in many access control systems.


The Touch Display Module offers various features and capabilities to enhance security and convenience. It can be connected to a Hikvision video intercom system, allowing users to establish audio and video communication with visitors before granting them access. The module can also support additional functionalities such as video surveillance integration, alarm management, and event logging.

Furthermore, the module is designed with durability and resilience in mind. It is built with high-quality materials and has a sleek and robust design, suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations. It also supports weatherproofing features to ensure its reliable operation in various environmental conditions.


Overall, the Hikvision DS-KD-TDE Touch Display Module with EM Card Reader is a reliable and feature-rich access control device that combines a touch display interface with an EM card reader. It offers a seamless and secure access control solution for applications ranging from residential buildings and offices to commercial complexes and industrial facilities.





Surface, flush

Protective Level

IP65, IK8

Working Temperature

-20 °C to 60 °C (-4 °F to 140 °F)

Working Humidity

10% to 95% (no-condensing)


100 mm × 100 mm × 35 mm (3.94" × 3.94" × 1.38")

Power Supply

12 VDC, supplied by the main module

Power Consumption

≤ 4 W




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