Hikvision DS-KD-INFO KD8 Series Pro Modular Door Station

The Hikvision DS-KD-INFO is an information module for Pro Series modular door stations. You can obtain these products in the Surveillance Systems section. It features a high-resolution LCD screen that can be used to display a variety of information, such as:

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Hikvision DS-KD-INFO

KD8 Series Pro Modular Door Station

The Hikvision DS-KD-INFO KD8 Series Pro Modular Door Station is an advanced security solution designed for residential or commercial applications. It serves as a communication and access control device that allows users to monitor and manage entry points effectively. You can find these products in the smart home section.

Key features and functionalities of the DS-KD-INFO KD8 Series Pro Modular Door Station include:

Modular Design

The door station adopts a modular design, allowing for easy customization and expansion. Users can select and install different modules based on their specific needs, such as camera modules, card reader modules, and keypad modules.

High-Definition Video Surveillance

The door station is equipped with a high-definition camera module that provides clear and detailed video footage of the entry area. This allows users to visually verify visitors and enhance security.


Two-Way Audio Communication

The device supports two-way audio communication, enabling users to have real-time conversations with visitors at the door. This feature is particularly useful for screening visitors or providing instructions before granting access.

Access Control Integration

The KD8 Series Pro can be integrated with access control systems, allowing users to remotely control door locks and manage access permissions. This integration enhances security by providing a comprehensive access management solution.

Anti-Tamper Design

The door station is designed to resist tampering, ensuring the integrity and reliability of the system. It includes features such as alarm outputs for tamper detection and tamper-proof screws to prevent unauthorized access.


IP Intercom Functionality

The device supports IP intercom functionality, enabling communication with other compatible devices across the network. This feature allows for flexible and convenient communication between different areas or buildings.

Weatherproof and Durable

The DS-KD-INFO KD8 Series Pro is constructed with a weatherproof and durable design, suitable for outdoor installation. It can withstand various environmental conditions, including rain, dust, and temperature fluctuations.

User-Friendly Interface

The door station features an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it easy to operate and configure. It may incorporate a touchscreen display or physical buttons for navigation and control.


Overall, the Hikvision DS-KD-INFO KD8 Series Pro Modular Door Station offers a comprehensive and flexible solution for secure access control and communication at entry points. Its modular design, high-definition video surveillance, audio communication capabilities, and integration with access control systems make it a powerful security tool.




Power Consumption

≤ 1.5 W

Working Temperature

-20 °C to 60 °C(-4 °F to 140 °F)

Working Humidity

10% to 95%


98.42 mm × 94.4 mm × 33.8 mm (3.87" × 3.72 × 1.34\")"


Flush mounting, surface mounting


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