Hikvision DS-KD-IN: A Powerful and Versatile Door Station

The Hikvision DS-KD-IN is a door station indicator module that provides rich device status indication, including call, door open, and two-way audio. It is easy to use and extend, and it is IP65-rated, making it dust-proof and water-resistant. This is the perfect solution for both commercial and residential security applications.

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Hikvision DS-KD-IN

A Powerful and Versatile Door Station

The Hikvision DS-KD-IN is a powerful and versatile door station designed to enhance security and convenience for residential and commercial properties. This advanced door station combines cutting-edge technology with user-friendly features, making it an ideal solution for controlling access to your premises. You can find these products in the smart home section.

High-Definition Video

The DS-KD-IN offers high-definition video surveillance, allowing you to clearly see and identify visitors at your door. It is equipped with a high-quality camera that captures crisp and detailed images, even in low-light conditions.

Two-Way Audio Communication

With built-in speakers and a microphone, the door station enables clear two-way audio communication between you and your visitors. This feature allows you to have conversations with visitors without having to physically open the door.

Hikvision DS-KD-IN

RFID Card Reader

The DS-KD-IN includes an integrated RFID card reader, providing an additional layer of access control. Authorized individuals can use RFID cards or key fobs to gain entry, eliminating the need for physical keys or codes.

Wide-Angle Lens

The door station features a wide-angle lens, offering a broad field of view to monitor the surrounding area. This ensures that you can see a larger area outside your door, enhancing security and awareness.

Weatherproof Design

Built to withstand various weather conditions, the DS-KD-IN is designed with rugged and weatherproof housing. It is resistant to dust, water, and other environmental elements, ensuring reliable performance in outdoor installations.

Hikvision DS-KD-IN

Integration with Security Systems

The can be seamlessly integrated with other security systems, such as video management software, access control systems, and alarm systems. This allows for comprehensive security management and enhances overall situational awareness.

Remote Monitoring and Control

The door station supports remote monitoring and control through a mobile app or web browser. This enables you to view live video feeds, receive notifications, and remotely control access to your property from anywhere, providing convenience and peace of mind.

Customizable Interface

The offers a customizable interface, allowing you to personalize the door station according to your preferences. You can choose from various display options, themes, and configurations to create a user-friendly and intuitive interface.

Hikvision DS-KD-IN

Overall, the Hikvision DS-KD-IN door station combines advanced technology, robust construction, and user-friendly features to provide a powerful and versatile solution for controlling access to your property. Whether it’s for residential or commercial use, this door station offers enhanced security, convenience, and peace of mind.


KD8 Series Pro Modular Door Station



Indicator module of modular door station Rich device status indication: call, door open and two-way audio IP65 protection level Backlight compensation behind the module Easy to use and extend


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