Hikvision DS-KD-E KD8 Series Pro Modular Door Station

The Hikvision DS-KD-E is a card reader module that is compatible with modular IP intercom systems. It can be used to read 125 kHz EM cards, and it supports issuing cards as well. The has a backlight compensation feature, which makes it easy to use in low-light conditions. It is also easy to install and extend.

Hikvision DS-KD-E

KD8 Series Pro Modular Door Station



The Hikvision DS-KD-E KD8 Series Pro Modular Door Station is a high-quality and advanced door intercom system designed for residential and commercial applications. It serves as a secure and convenient means of communication between visitors and occupants of a building. You can find it in the Smart Home section.

Key features and capabilities of the DS-KD-E KD8 Series Pro include:

Modular Design

The door station adopts a modular design, allowing for flexible configuration and easy installation. It consists of a main module, a camera module, and various optional sub-modules, such as a card reader module, a keypad module, and an indicator module. This modular approach enables customization based on specific requirements.


High-Definition Video

The camera module of the door station captures high-definition video, providing clear and detailed images of visitors. This allows occupants to visually verify the identity of visitors before granting access.

Two-Way Audio Communication

The KD8 Series Pro supports two-way audio communication, enabling clear and real-time voice interaction between occupants and visitors. This feature facilitates effective communication and enhances security.

Access Control Integration

With the optional card reader and keypad modules, the door station can be integrated with access control systems. This integration allows for keyless entry using access cards or PIN codes, enhancing convenience and security.


Infrared Night Vision

The camera module is equipped with infrared (IR) LEDs, enabling clear visibility even in low-light or nighttime conditions. This ensures that the door station remains effective around the clock.

Weatherproof Design

The KD8 Series Pro is built to withstand various weather conditions. It features IP65-rated weatherproof housing, protecting it from dust, rain, and other environmental factors. This robust design ensures reliable performance in outdoor installations.

Remote Management

The door station can be remotely managed and controlled via dedicated management software provided by Hikvision. This software allows administrators to configure settings, view live video, and manage access control features from a central location.


Overall, the Hikvision DS-KD-E KD8 Series Pro Modular Door Station combines advanced technology, flexibility, and durability to provide a comprehensive solution for secure access control and communication at entrances.







Flush mounting, surface mounting




With package: 421 g Without package: 160 g

Protective Level


Working Temperature

-40° C to +55° C(-40° F to 131° F)

Working Humidity

10% to 95%


98.5 mm × 100 mm × 33.7 mm (3.87" × 3.95" × 1.33")



Application Environment


Power Consumption

≤ 2 W


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