Hikvision DS-KD-ACW2 2nd Video Intercom Brackets

This is a mounting bracket for video intercom modules. It is made of aluminum and is designed for surface mounting. The bracket can accommodate up to two modules and includes a cover to protect the modules from the elements.

Hikvision DS-KD-ACW2

2nd Video Intercom Brackets

the “Hikvision DS-KD-ACW2 2nd Video Intercom Brackets” as product details and releases may have occurred after that date. However, I can provide you with general information about Hikvision video intercom systems and brackets. You can find these products in the smart home section.

well-known brand in the security and surveillance industry, offering a range of products including video intercom systems. Intercom brackets are accessories that are used to mount or install video intercom devices securely.

Here are some general features you might expect from video intercom brackets:


Brackets are usually designed to be compatible with specific video intercom models. In this case, the suggests it may be associated with a second-generation video intercom system.


Material and Build

products are typically made with durable materials to ensure longevity and reliability. The brackets are designed to withstand various weather conditions if they are intended for outdoor use.


Brackets often have adjustable features to allow for flexible positioning of the intercom device. This is important for optimizing the camera angle and coverage.



products are known for relatively easy installation, and brackets would likely be designed to facilitate a straightforward mounting process.


tends to design its products with a sleek and modern aesthetic, ensuring that the intercom system not only functions well but also looks good in various environments.


To get the most accurate and up-to-date information about the Hikvision DS-KD-ACW2 2nd Video Intercom Brackets, I recommend checking the official website, contacting customer support, or consulting with authorized distributors or dealers. They can provide you with the latest product specifications, features, and any other relevant details.





660 g (with packaging) 420 g (without packaging)

Working Temperature

40° C to +55° C(-40° F to 131° F)

Working Humidity

10% to 95%


Cover: 219 × 107 × 4 mm(8.62" × 4.21\" ×0.16\") Installation Frame: 117 × 107 × 32.7mm (8.62 × 4.21\" ×1.29\")


Aviation Aluminum


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