Eufy T8861 (2 Cam Kit) Wireless Security Camera

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The eufyCam S220, also known as the eufyCam 2C Pro, is a high-quality security camera designed to provide you with detailed surveillance and peace of mind. With its impressive features and capabilities, it offers a comprehensive security solution for your home.

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Eufy T8861 (2 Cam Kit)

Wireless Security Camera

Eufy T8861 (2 Cam Kit) – Wireless Security Camera

Wireless Connectivity:

Utilizes wireless technology for easy installation and flexible placement of cameras.

HD Video Quality:

Captures high-definition video footage to ensure clear and detailed monitoring.

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Weatherproof Design:

Built to withstand various weather conditions, allowing for both indoor and outdoor use.

Night Vision:

Equipped with infrared LEDs to provide clear video footage in low-light or nighttime conditions.

eufyCam 2C Pro - T8861_600x600

Motion Detection:

Features motion sensors to detect movement, triggering alerts, and recording when activity is detected.

Remote Monitoring:

Allows users to access live video feeds remotely via a dedicated mobile app or web interface.

Anker eufy T8861 (2 Cam Kit) Wireless Security Camera,_600x438

Two-Camera Kit:

Includes two cameras in the kit for broader coverage and multiple viewing angles.

Storage Options:

Supports various storage options such as local storage or cloud-based storage for recorded footage.

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Smart Integration:

May integrate with smart home systems or virtual assistants for enhanced automation and control.

Easy Installation:

Designed for a user-friendly setup with step-by-step instructions and minimal wiring.

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Customizable Settings:

Users can customize camera settings, including sensitivity, notification preferences, and more.

Battery Life:

Provides information on the expected battery life of the cameras and any rechargeable features.

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Secure Data Encryption:

Implements secure protocols to protect the privacy and integrity of the captured footage.

Expandable System:

Capable of expanding the system with additional cameras for comprehensive surveillance.

Anker eufy T8861 (2 Cam Kit) Wireless Security Camera,2

Package Contents:

Two Wireless Cameras

Mounting Hardware

Power Adapters

User Manual

Anker eufy T8861 (2 Cam Kit) Wireless Security Camera,3

Please check the official product documentation or the eufy website for the most accurate and detailed information on the Eufy T8861 (2 Cam Kit).




Field of View


Battery Life

6 Months


Human Detection Face Detection



Video Storage

Not supported


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