Epson PowerLite W49 3LCD WXGA Classroom Projector with HDMI projector

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The Epson PowerLite W49 is a 3LCD WXGA classroom projector equipped with HDMI compatibility. It is designed specifically for educational environments, offering a range of features to enhance classroom presentations and engagement.

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Epson PowerLite W49

3LCD WXGA Classroom Projector with HDMI projector

Engage Students with Ultra Bright, Widescreen Projection:

The Epson W49 is a 3LCD WXGA classroom projector with HDMI connectivity, designed to enhance the learning experience and promote collaboration in educational settings. With its ultra-bright and widescreen projection capabilities, this projector aims to engage students and deliver captivating visuals.

Epson PowerLite W49 3LCD WXGA Classroom Projector with HDMI projector_
W49 3LCD WXGA Classroom Projector with HDMI projector

Increase Collaboration with the Built-in Moderator Function:

One of the key features of the W49 is its impressive brightness. It offers 3,800 lumens of both color and white brightness, ensuring vibrant and clear images even in well-lit environments. This brightness level enables teachers to project content with excellent visibility, allowing students to easily follow along.

Epson PowerLite W49 3LCD WXGA_
PowerLite W49 3LCD WXGA

Long Lamp Life for Extended Usage:

The projector boasts a native WXGA resolution and a 16:10 aspect ratio, providing a widescreen display that is ideal for showcasing multimedia content and presentations. This aspect ratio ensures compatibility with modern widescreen devices, allowing for seamless integration with various sources of educational materials.

Epson PowerLite W49
PowerLite W49

Advanced Network Connectivity for Seamless Integration:

Epson One notable advantage of the PowerLite W49 is its long lamp life. With up to 17,000 hours of lamp life in ECO Mode, the projector offers extended usage time before the lamp needs replacement. This feature not only reduces maintenance costs but also ensures uninterrupted teaching sessions over an extended period.

Epson PowerLite W49 3LCD_
PowerLite W49 3LCD

An Overview of the Epson PowerLite W49 Classroom Projector:

The built-in Moderator function is another significant feature of the W49. It allows up to 50 users to connect to the projector simultaneously and share content from their laptops or mobile devices. This function promotes collaboration and interactive learning, enabling students to actively participate and contribute to the class.

In terms of connectivity, the PowerLite W49 offers advanced network connectivity options. It includes dual HDMI ports, allowing easy and convenient connection to a variety of high-definition audiovisual devices. This flexibility ensures compatibility with different multimedia sources, such as laptops, DVD players, and gaming consoles, enhancing the versatility of the projector.

Epson PowerLite_
Epson PowerLite

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Display resolution

1280 x 800


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