Cisco CBS350-48T 4G 48 Port 4 x 1G SFP Managed Switch

The Cisco Business CBS350-48T-4X is a 48-port Gigabit managed switch with 4 SFP+ ports. It is designed for small and medium-sized businesses that need a reliable and affordable switching solution. The CBS350-48T-4X offers a variety of features, including:

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Cisco CBS350-48T 4G

48 Port 4 x 1G SFP Managed Switch

High-Performance Connectivity with the Cisco CBS350-48T 4G Managed Switch:

The Cisco CBS350-48T 4G features 48 Ethernet ports, allowing you to connect a large number of devices to your network. These ports support data transfer rates of up to 1 Gigabit per second, providing fast and seamless communication between connected devices.

Cisco CBS350-48T 4G 48 Port 4 x 1G SFP Managed Switch,
Cisco CBS350-48T 4G 48 Port 4 x 1G SFP Managed Switch,

Versatile Port Options: 48 Ethernet Ports and 4 1G SFP Ports:

In addition to the Ethernet ports, the switch also includes 4 dedicated 1G SFP (Small Form-Factor Pluggable) ports. These SFP ports allow for fiber optic connectivity, enabling long-distance connections and flexibility in network design. You can use compatible SFP modules to connect the switch to other networking devices, such as switches, routers, or servers, over fiber optic cables.

Enhanced Control and Security with VLAN and QoS Functionality:

As a managed switch, the Cisco CBS350-48T 4G offers advanced features that provide enhanced control and security for your network. It supports VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network) functionality, allowing you to create logical network segments and isolate traffic for improved performance and security. The switch also supports Quality of Service (QoS) features, enabling you to prioritize certain types of network traffic, such as voice or video, to ensure smooth and uninterrupted communication.

Cisco CBS350-48T 4G 48 Port 4 x 1G SFP Managed Switch
Cisco CBS350-48T 4G 48 Port 4 x 1G SFP Managed Switch

Reliable Backup Connectivity with 4G Capability:

With its 4G capability, the Cisco switch can connect to a cellular network for backup connectivity or as a primary connection option in areas where wired internet access is limited. This feature provides network redundancy and ensures uninterrupted network connectivity in case of a primary connection failure.

User-Friendly Configuration and Management with Web Interface and Smart Network Application:

The Cisco CBS350-48T 4G is designed with a user-friendly web interface, making it easy to configure and manage the switch settings. It also supports Cisco’s intuitive Smart Network Application (SNA) for simplified network management and monitoring.

Cisco CBS350-48T 4G 48 Port 4 x 1G SFP Managed Switch,3
Cisco CBS350-48T 4G 48 Port 4 x 1G SFP Managed Switch,3




Hardware stacking

Up to 4 units in a stack. Up to 200 ports managed as a single system with hardware failover Stacking is supported on the following models CBS350-24T-4X, CBS350-24P-4X, CBS350-24FP-4X, CBS350-48T-4X, CBS350-48P4X, CBS350-48FP-4X CBS350-8MP-2X, CBS350-24MGP-4X, CBS350-12NP-4X, CBS350-24NGP-4X, CBS350- 48NGP-4X CBS350-8XT, CBS350-12XS, CBS350-12XT, CBS350-16XTS, CBS350-24XS, CBS350- 24XT, CBS350-24XTS, CBS350-48XT-4X

High availability

Fast stack failover delivers minimal traffic loss. Support link aggregation across multiple units in a stack

Plug-and-play stacking configuration/management

Active/standby for resilient stack control Autonumbering Hot swap of units in stack Ring and chain stacking options, auto stacking port speed, flexible stacking port options

High-speed stack interconnects

Cost-effective high-speed 10G fiber interfaces.



Secure Shell (SSH) Protocol

SSH is a secure replacement for Telnet traffic. Secure Copy Protocol (SCP) also uses SSH. SSH v1 and v2 are supported

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

SSL support: Encrypts all HTTPS traffic, allowing highly secure access to the browserbased management GUI in the switch

IEEE 802.1X (Authenticator role)

802.1X: Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service (RADIUS) authentication and accounting, MD5 hash; guest VLAN; unauthenticated VLAN, single/multiple host mode and single/multiple sessions Supports time-based 802.1X; dynamic VLAN assignment; MAC authentication

IEEE 802.1X supplicant

A switch can be configured to act as a supplicant to another switch. This enables extended secure access in areas outside the wiring closet (such as conference rooms)

Web-based authentication

Web-based authentication provides network admission control through web browser to any host devices and operating systems

STP Bridge Protocol Data Unit (BPDU) Guard

A security mechanism to protect the network from invalid configurations. A port enabled for BPDU Guard is shut down if a BPDU message is received on that port. This avoids accidental topology loops

STP Root Guard

This prevents edge devices not in the network administrator’s control from becoming Spanning Tree Protocol root nodes

STP loopback guard

Provides additional protection against Layer 2 forwarding loops (STP loops)

DHCP snooping

Filters out DHCP messages with unregistered IP addresses and/or from unexpected or untrusted interfaces. This prevents rogue devices from behaving as DHCP Servers.


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