VERTIV GXT5-10kIRT5UXLE Liebert 10000VA/10000W On-Line UPS

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The VERTIV GXT5-10kIRT5UXLE Liebert 10000VA/10000W On-Line UPS provides reliable power protection for critical systems, protecting against power anomalies with dual conversion technology and extended battery life for reliable operation.

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Liebert 10000VA/10000W On-Line UPS

VERTIV GXT5-10kIRT5UXLE Liebert 10000VA/10000W On-Line uninterruptible power supply UPS stands as a sentinel of stability in an unpredictable power landscape,

This 10000VA/10000W on-line UPS is engineered to shield critical systems from power anomalies, ensuring seamless operation.

Besides its robust double conversion technology transforms erratic AC power into a consistent energy stream,

that is safeguarding sensitive equipment against blackouts, voltage dips, and surges.

Designed for Dependability:

Ensuring High Availability High availability is the hallmark of the GXT5-10kIRT5UXLE UPS, because of its design prioritizes continuous uptime for essential systems.

User-friendly features facilitate straightforward installation and operation, minimizing downtime risks.

The integrated batteries boast extended lifespans, reducing maintenance frequency and ensuring long-term reliability.


VERTIV GXT5-10kIRT5UXLE On-Line UPS’s Advanced Features for Optimized Performance :

The VERTIV UPS is not just a power backup; it’s a smart energy management solution.

The new RDU101 SNMP/webcard offers advanced control, while compatibility with environmental sensors allows for a responsive power environment.

Programmable output sockets and Energy Star 2.0 certification reflect its commitment to energy efficiency.

Scalable Solutions for Growing Energy Needs :

As well as flexibility is key in power management, and the uninterruptible power supply delivers with scalable runtime options.

External battery cabinets with auto-detection expand the system’s capacity, also adapting to increasing power demands.

This scalability ensures that as your business grows, your power protection capabilities can grow alongside it.

Liebert UPS
Liebert UPS

VERTIV GXT5-10kIRT5UXLE On-Line UPS’s Efficiency Meets Innovation:

Also the Eco-Friendly Power Protection of GXT5-10kIRT5UXLE breaks new ground with up to 95% efficiency in Eco mode.

Because of its design is attuned to the needs of modern IT applications, operating reliably across diverse temperature and humidity conditions.

With unity power factor operation, it maximizes usable power, that is making it a leader in energy-efficient power protection.

Seamless Integration and Management:

The Smart UPS Ease of use extends beyond installation to everyday management.

The user-friendly LCD interface provides at-a-glance status updates,

while full network management capabilities allow for remote configuration and firmware updates.

This level of control ensures that the On-Line UPS is not just a power solution, but a smart business tool.

Technical Specifications:

  • Power Rating: 10000 VA / 10000 W, capable of handling significant loads.
  • Input/Output Voltage: 230 VAC input transformed into a stable 200-240 VAC output, accommodating various equipment needs.
  • uninterruptible power supply
    uninterruptible power supply

VERTIV GXT5-10kIRT5UXLE On-Line UPS’s High-Efficiency Performance:

This Liebert UPS is designed for high-efficiency performance, operating efficiently in a wide range of temperature and humidity conditions.

Its robust design and advanced features ensure that your mission-critical IT applications receive reliable and efficient power protection,

that is minimizing the risk of downtime and equipment damage.

In summary, The VERTIV GXT5-10kIRT5UXLE Liebert On-Line uninterruptible power supply UPS is a versatile and reliable UPS solution that delivers continuous power and protection for your critical systems.

Its advanced features, high efficiency, and flexible deployment options make it an excellent choice for ensuring the uninterrupted operation of your essential equipment.

On-Line UPS

You will get more high voltage that suit the number of devices that consume the most energy, for example, capacities of 8k, 10k and 20k, and we have more at Redlinesys.


Power Rating

10000 VA / 10000 W

Input Voltage

230 VAC

Output Voltage

200/208/220/230/240 VAC


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