UNIARCH IPC-T122-PF28(40) 2MP Fixed Dome Network Camera

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The UNIARCH IPC-T122-PF28(40) 2MP Fixed Dome Network Camera is a powerful and reliable solution for various surveillance needs. Its advanced features, robust design, and ease of use make it an excellent choice for anyone seeking to enhance their security setup.

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2MP Fixed Dome Network Camera

UNIARCH IPC-T122-PF28(40) 2MP Fixed Dome Network Camera When it comes to surveillance technology, the UNIARCH IPC-T122-PF28(40) 2MP Fixed Dome Network Camera stands out as a top contender. This article dives deep into its features, applications, and advantages, providing you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Overview of UNIARCH IPC-T122-PF28(40):

The UNIARCH IPC-T122-PF28(40) is a high-performance network camera designed for diverse surveillance needs.accordingly Its robust features ensure reliable security monitoring in various environments.

Key Features:

The camera boasts a range of features that make it a versatile and powerful tool for surveillance. From advanced optics to durable structural design,afterward it meets the demands of modern security requirements.


4.1 Day/Night Functionality:

This camera is equipped with day/night functionality, ensuring clear imaging regardless of the time of day. This feature automatically adjusts the camera’s settings to provide optimal visibility in different lighting conditions.

4.2 Smart IR:

With Smart IR technology, the UNIARCH IPC-T122-PF28(40) can see up to 30 meters (98 feet) in total darkness. This advanced infrared technology adjusts the intensity of the IR LEDs to prevent overexposure in close-up shots, maintaining clarity and detail.

4.3 2D/3D DNR (Digital Noise Reduction):

The 2D/3D DNR feature reduces noise in the image, providing clearer and more detailed footage. This is especially beneficial in low-light conditions, where noise can significantly impact image quality.

Compression Technologies:

5.1 Ultra 265, H.265, H.264:

The camera supports Ultra 265, H.265,afterward and H.264 compression formats. These technologies reduce bandwidth and storage requirements while maintaining high video quality. Ultra 265, in particular, offers superior compression efficiency, allowing for more extended storage periods without compromising quality.

5.2 ROI (Region of Interest):

The ROI feature enables users to focus on specific areas within the camera’s field of view. This means higher video quality in selected regions while optimizing bandwidth and storage for less critical areas

Network Capabilities:

6.1 ONVIF Conformance:

The UNIARCH IPC-T122-PF28(40) adheres to ONVIF standards,additionally ensuring compatibility with a wide range of network video products. This conformance facilitates seamless integration into existing surveillance systems.

Structural Design:

7.1 Wide Temperature Range:

This camera can operate in extreme temperatures,afterward ranging from -30°C to 60°C (-22°F to 140°F). Such durability ensures reliable performance in various environmental conditions.

7.2 Wide Voltage Range:

  • With a wide voltage range of ±25%,additionally  the camera can withstand power fluctuations, providing stable operation and reducing the risk of damage from electrical inconsistencies.


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