UNIARCH IPC-B122-PF28(40) 2MP Mini Fixed Bullet Network Camera

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2MP Mini Fixed Bullet Network Camera

UNIARCH IPC-B122-PF28(40) is a compact yet powerful network camera that caters to the security needs of both residential and commercial properties. Its advanced optics, efficient compression technology, and durable structure make it an excellent choice for anyone looking to enhance their surveillance system.



UNIARCH IPC-B122-PF28(40) The optical capabilities of the UNIARCH IPC-B122-PF28(40) are designed to deliver clear and detailed images, regardless of the lighting conditions. Here are the key optical features of this camera.

Day/Night Functionality:

This camera is equipped with day/night functionality, ensuring that it captures high-quality images both during the day and at night. It automatically switches between color mode during the day and black-and-white mode at night to provide optimal image clarity.

Smart IR Technology:

With smart IR technology, the UNIARCH IPC-B122-PF28(40) can adjust the intensity of its infrared LEDs to prevent overexposure in close-up shots and ensure balanced illumination. This feature is particularly useful for monitoring areas with varying distances.

Optical Glass Window:

The camera features an optical glass window that enhances light transmittance,network camera resulting in brighter and clearer images. This high-quality glass ensures that the maximum amount of light reaches the camera sensor.

IR Anti-Reflection Window:

The IR anti-reflection window of the UNIARCH IPC-B122-PF28(40) further improves infrared transmittance, reducing reflection and ensuring that the IR light effectively illuminates the area being monitored. This feature is crucial for maintaining image quality in low-light conditions.

Digital Noise Reduction (2D/3D DNR):

To enhance image clarity and reduce noise, the camera employs 2D/3D Digital Noise Reduction (DNR) technology. This feature minimizes the visual noise in the footage, providing clearer and more detailed images even in low-light environments.


Efficient compression is essential for managing video storage and bandwidth usage. The UNIARCH IPC-B122-PF28(40) excels in this area with its advanced compression standards.

Ultra 265, H.265, H.264 Compression Standards:

This camera supports Ultra 265, H.265, and H.264 compression standards, which significantly reduce the file size of recorded video without compromising quality. This allows for longer recording times and less storage space usage.

Region of Interest (ROI):

  • UNIARCH IPC-B122-PF28(40) The Region of Interest (ROI) feature allows users to focus on specific areas within the camera’s field of view.
UNIARCH IPC-B122-PF28(40) redlinsys
UNIARCH IPC-B122-PF28(40) redlinsys



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