Hikvision DS-2CE16U1T-ITPF 8MP 4K Fixed Mini Bullet Outdoor Security Camera

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Discover the Hikvision DS-2CE16U1T-ITPF 8MP 4K Fixed Mini Bullet Outdoor Security Camera, that is designed for exceptional clarity with a maximum resolution of 3840×2160, with an advanced 8.29MP CMOS image sensor, ideal for residential and commercial applications.

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Hikvision DS-2CE16U1T-ITPF

8MP 4K Fixed Mini Bullet Outdoor Security Camera

The Hikvision DS-2CE16U1T-ITPF 8MP 4K Fixed Mini Bullet Outdoor Security Camera is equipped with an 8.29 megapixel progressive scan CMOS image sensor, delivering a maximum resolution of 3840 (H) × 2160 (V).

This high resolution guarantees that every detail is recorded with remarkable clarity,

whereas making it ideal for both residential and commercial surveillance applications.

Advanced Infrared Technology:

Besides featuring EXIR 2.0, this camera utilizes advanced infrared technology to provide clear images even in complete darkness.

With an IR distance of up to 30 meters, it ensures reliable performance in low-light conditions, that is enhancing security during nighttime.

Hikvision DS-2CE16U1T-ITPF
Hikvision DS-2CE16U1T-ITPF

Hikvision DS-2CE16U1T-ITPF’s Versatile Signal Compatibility:

The camera supports 4 in 1 signal compatibility, that is allowing it to switch between TVI, AHD, CVI, and CVBS signals.

This versatility makes it compatible with a wide range of DVRs, whereas providing flexibility in various surveillance setups.

Robust Build and Weather Resistance:

Also it designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, the Hikvision DS-2CE16U1T-ITPF is water and dust resistant with an IP67 rating.

This robust build ensures reliable operation in both indoor and outdoor settings, regardless of weather conditions.

Flexible Lens Options:

The camera also comes with multiple fixed lens options, which including 2.8 mm, 3.6 mm, and 6 mm lenses.

These options provide different fields of view, ranging from 102.2° to 50.8°,

that is allowing users to choose the best lens for their specific surveillance needs.

Outdoor Camera
Outdoor Camera

Hikvision DS-2CE16U1T-ITPF’s Enhanced Image Quality:

With features like brightness, sharpness, DNR (Digital Noise Reduction), Smart IR, and HLC (Highlight Compensation), the camera offers enhanced image quality.

These settings can be adjusted to optimize the video output for various lighting conditions and environments.

Wide Dynamic Range and Day/Night Mode:

The Hikvision camera also supports digital wide dynamic range (WDR) with a 105 dB rating, ensuring clear images in high-contrast lighting conditions.

Additionally, it features an IR cut filter for day and night functionality, automatically switching between color and black-and-white modes based on the lighting.

Hikvision DS-2CE16U1T-ITPF’s Efficient Power Consumption:

Operating on a 12 VDC power supply with a maximum consumption of 5.3 W, the surveillance camera is energy-efficient.

Besides it recommended to use one power adapter per camera to ensure optimal performance.

Easy Installation and Adjustment:

  • Easy installation and angle adjustment
  • Pan range: 0° to 360°
  • Tilt range: 0° to 180°
  • Rotation range: 0° to 360°
  • Ensures effective coverage of the desired area

Reliable Performance in Extreme Conditions:

  • Operates reliably in temperatures from -40 °C to 60 °C (-40 °F to 140 °F)
  • Handles humidity levels up to 90% (non-condensing)
  • Suitable for a wide range of environments

Comprehensive Video Output Options:

The security camera also provides one HD analog output, supporting TVI, AHD, CVI, and CVBS formats.

This ensures compatibility with various recording devices and simplifies integration into existing surveillance systems.

Hikvision DS-2CE16U1T-ITPF’s Secure Communication Protocol:

For secure and efficient communication, the camera supports the HIKVISION-C protocol over coaxial cable.

This ensures reliable data transmission and control, that is enhancing the overall security system’s performance.

Lightweight and Compact Design:

  • Weighs approximately 210 grams (0.46 lbs)
  • Dimensions: 58 mm × 61 mm × 159.8 mm (2.28″ × 2.40″ × 6.42″)
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Simple to set up in multiple locations without being noticeable

In Summary, The Hikvision DS-2CE16U1T-ITPF 8MP 4K Fixed Mini Bullet Camera is a versatile and reliable surveillance solution.

Besids its high-resolution imaging, advanced infrared technology, robust build, and flexible installation options, it is well-suited for a wide range of security applications.

Whether for residential or commercial use, this camera provides exceptional performance and peace of mind.

Security Cam
Security Cam

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