D-Link DGS-F1210-26PS-E 26-Port Gigabit Smart Managed PoE+ Switch

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Experience enhanced network connectivity with the D-Link DGS-F1210-26PS-E 26-port Gigabit Managed PoE+ Switch. Featuring 24 PoE ports, 2 SFP uplink ports, and advanced management tools, this switch empowers businesses with seamless PoE device integration, flexible network control, and exceptional performance.

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 D-Link DGS-F1210-26PS-E

26-Port Gigabit Smart Managed PoE+ Switch

The D-Link DGS-F1210-26PS-E is a 26 port Managed Gigabit Switch with 24 10/100/1000 Mbps PoE ports, 2 Gigabit SFP uplink ports.

This Switch allows users to effortlessly connect and power PoE-capable devices, that is including wireless Access Points (APs) and IP cameras.

With a maximum PoE power budget of 250 watts and support for IEEE 802.3af/at standards, it can provide power to compatible devices over a distance of up to 250 meters.

Revolutionizing Network Connectivity with Advanced Features:

Enter the D-Link DGS-F1210-26PS-E, a cutting-edge 24-port Gigabit managed switch designed to meet the diverse needs of modern enterprises.

With its comprehensive feature set and innovative design, this switch redefines network management and power delivery,

while it empowering organizations to optimize their operations with ease.

D-Link DGS-F1210-26PS-E Unleashing the Power of PoE for Enhanced Device Connectivity:

Harnessing the power of Power over Ethernet (PoE), the D-Link switch 26-port also sets a new standard for device connectivity and convenience.

Besides 24 10/100/1000Mbps PoE ports, this switch eliminates the need for cumbersome power adapters, simplifying installation and reducing cable clutter.

Supporting IEEE 802.3at and IEEE 802.3af protocols, it delivers a total PoE budget of 250W,

that is enabling seamless integration of PoE-compliant devices such as wireless access points (APs) and IP cameras.

D-Link DGS-F1210-26PS-E
D-Link switch

Empowering Surveillance Solutions with Long-Range Connectivity:

In the realm of surveillance, distance should never be a limitation, whereas DGS-F1210-26PS-E switches transcends traditional boundaries,

Because of its remarkable long-range capabilities, supporting transmission distances of up to 250m.

This flexibility allows for the strategic placement of wireless APs and surveillance devices, ensuring comprehensive coverage without compromising on performance.

Whether indoors or outdoors, this switch provides the versatility needed to create robust surveillance networks tailored to specific requirements.

D-Link DGS-F1210-26PS-E’s Enhancing Efficiency and Cost Savings with Eco-Friendly Design:

In an era of heightened environmental awareness and cost-consciousness,

the D-Link network switch stands out as a beacon of sustainability and efficiency.

Its eco-friendly design minimizes energy consumption while maximizing performance, offering a compelling blend of reliability and affordability.

this switch reduces operational costs without sacrificing functionality,

that is making it the ideal choice for organizations looking to minimize their ecological footprint while maximizing their ROI.

Seamlessly Integrating Advanced Connectivity Solutions:

Flexibility is the cornerstone of modern networking, and the DGS-F1210-26PS-E delivers in spades.

Besides two Gigabit SFP ports, it offers seamless integration with fiber optic networks, expanding connectivity options and future-proofing your infrastructure.

Whether connecting distant office buildings or extending network reach to remote locations, this switch provides the versatility needed to adapt to evolving business needs with ease.

D-Link DGS-F1210-26PS-E’s Elevating Network Management with Intelligent Features:

At the heart of the D-Link switch lies a suite of intelligent features designed to streamline network management and optimize performance.

From VLAN support to QoS prioritization, this switch empowers administrators to prioritize traffic, enhance security, and maximize bandwidth utilization.

Besides robust management capabilities and user-friendly interfaces, it puts the power of advanced network management at your fingertips,

that is ensuring seamless operation and peace of mind.


  • 24 10/100/1000 Mbps PoE ports
  •  2 Gigabit SFP Ports
  • 250 watts available for PoE
  • Flow control for protection against data loss
  • Maximum distance of 250m
D-Link switch
switch 26 port

Switch Type

Managed, Smart

Number of Ports

26 ports


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