APC SRV3KIL 3kVA/2400W Tower 230V On-Line Easy UPS

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The APC SRV3KIL On-Line UPS provides 3kVA/2400W tower protection with 230V input, dual conversion design, rugged construction, and easy operation for primary power backup in various applications.

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3kVA/2400W Tower 230V On-Line Easy UPS

The APC SRV3KIL 3kVA/2400W Tower 230V On-Line Easy Uninterruptible power supply UPS stands out as a high-quality,

Besides double-conversion online UPS designed to ensure essential power protection, even under the most unstable conditions.

Robust Design and Specifications :

The APC SRV3KIL boasts a robust design with a sleek black finish,

that is complementing modern office aesthetics while delivering on functionality.

It also has a height of 33.6 cm, a width of 42.5 cm, and a depth of 42.5 cm, making it a compact yet powerful solution.

With a net weight of 45.9 kg, it’s designed for easy placement at the front of any setup without the need for rack mounting.


APC SRV3KIL On-Line UPS Power and Efficiency:

Keeping Your Devices Safe With a rated power of 2400 W and 3000 VA of the APC UPS ,

that is ensures your devices are protected and operational during power inconsistencies.

It operates efficiently at 88% full load, with a harmonic distortion of just 3%, and a transfer time of 4 ms typical,

that is ensuring a seamless transition during power outages.

Connectivity and Accessibility :

Whereas it designed for Convenience The APC Uninterruptible power supply features 6 IEC 60320 C13 and 1 IEC 60320 C19 outlets,

along with an intelligent card slot and an LCD for easy monitoring and control.

It also includes a USB compatible port and comes with a comprehensive set of cables,

Whereas including a USB cable, an RS-232 configuration cable, and power cables,

ensuring you have everything you need for a quick setup.

Uninterruptible power supply

APC SRV3KIL On-Line UPS Battery Performance :

Reliable and Long-lasting Equipped with a lead-acid battery, the SRV3KIL also provides a reliable power backup solution.

It has a battery voltage of 72 V and offers a run time for a load of 2400 W for up to 12 minutes and 44 seconds at maximum capacity.

The battery recharge time is 5.5 hours, and it has an expected life of 3 to 5 years, ensuring long-term reliability.

Environmental and Safety Standards:

Commitment to Quality The APC SRV3KIL On-Line UPS also is certified with CE, UKCA, EAC, and TISI, adhering to the latest EN/IEC standards.

It operates within an ambient temperature range of 0 to 40°C and can withstand relative humidity levels of 0 to 95% non-condensing.

Besides an IP degree of protection of IP20, it ensures safety and durability in various environmental conditions.

Warranty and Support:

Your Investment Protected APC that is offers a 2-year repair or replace warranty for the SRV3KIL UPS,

and also providing peace of mind and assurance of quality.

With its excellent customer support and warranty services, you can rest assured that your investment in power protection is secure.

APC SRV3KIL On-Line UPS Features:

  • Voltage Input : 230 V
  • Product Type: Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
  • Other Voltage Input : 220 V, 240 V
  • Main Voltage Output: 230 V
  • Other Voltages Output : 220 V, 240 V

Cable Length

1.52 m

Number Of Cables


Battery Type

Lead-acid battery

Battery Voltage

72 V

Battery Recharge Time

5.5 h

Battery Life

3…5 years

Maximum Configurable Power In Va

3000 VA

Maximum Configurable Power In W

2400 W

Output Frequency

50/60 Hz +/- 3 Hz sync to mains

Transfer Time

4 ms typical

Ups Type

Double conversion online

Wave Type

Sine wave




33.6 cm


42.5 cm

Net Weight

45.9 kg

Network Frequency

40…70 Hz auto sensing


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