APC SMV1000I-GR Line Interactive 1000VA Tower 230V AVR Easy UPS

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Protect your electronic devices with the APC SMV1000I-GR Interactive UPS. The 1000VA/600W tower UPS provides reliable power protection against surges, spikes and voltage fluctuations. Featuring an AVR for stable output and four Schuko ports, the SMV1000I-GR ensures your devices remain safe and operable.

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Line Interactive 1000VA Tower 230V AVR Easy UPS

The APC SMV1000I-GR Line Interactive Uninterruptible power supply UPS is a robust and reliable solution designed to safeguard your electronic devices from power outage.

Besides a 1000VA/600W capacity, this UPS ensures that your equipment remains operational and protected during power surges, spikes, and other disturbances.

Advanced Voltage Regulation for Consistent Power:

Also it equipped with Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR), the APC SMV1000I-GR maintains a steady 230V output,

despite of fluctuations in the input voltage ranging from 220V to 240V.

This feature is crucial for the longevity and performance of sensitive electronics.


APC SMV1000I-GR UPS’s Efficient Energy Distribution with Schuko Outlets:

The APC UPS features four Schuko CEE 7 outlets, commonly used across Europe, that is providing a convenient and secure connection for multiple devices.

The inclusion of a IEC 60320 C14 input connection further enhances its compatibility with a wide range of equipment.

Dependable Battery Backup with Quick Recharge:

At the heart of the Uninterruptible power supply lies a durable lead-acid battery, which offers a recharge time of just 4 hours.

The battery’s life span ranges from 3 to 5 years, ensuring long-term reliability,

and also it can be easily replaced with the APCRBCV206 model when needed.

line interactive ups
line interactive ups

APC SMV1000I-GR UPS’s Compact and User-Friendly Design:

The APC SMV1000I-GR boasts a sleek black tower design that is easy to integrate into any setting.

Its dimensions of 22 cm in height, 16 cm in width, and 41 cm in depth, along with a net weight of 13.6 kg,

that is making it an unobtrusive addition to your workspace.

Seamless Integration and Easy Management:

This APC line interactive ups operates within a network frequency of 45 to 65 Hz and can handle input voltage limits of 165 to 290 V.

The sine wave output and a crest factor of 3:1 ensure that your devices receive clean and stable power.

Certified Safety and Environmental Standards:

The APC SMV1000I-GR meets rigorous safety standards, It operates optimally within an ambient temperature range of 0 to 40°C and relative humidity of 0 to 95%.

Effective Communication and Alarm System:

An integrated alarm system alerts users to various conditions, such as low battery and overload situations,

that is ensuring prompt action can be taken to prevent damage or data loss.

The Uninterruptible power supply also features a surge energy rate of 190 J, providing additional protection against power spikes.

Warranty and Support:

The APC SMV1000I-GR UPS comes with a 2-year repair or replace warranty, offering peace of mind and support when you need it most.

With its comprehensive features and reliable performance, this UPS is an excellent investment for anyone looking

whereas unable them protect their technology from unpredictable power issues.

APC SMV1000I-GR UPS Features:

  • Input Voltage: 220 V, 240 V
  • Output Voltage: 230 V
  • Rated Power In W: 700 W
  • Rated Power In Va: 1000 VA
Uninterruptible power supply

Battery Type

Lead-acid battery

Battery Recharge Time

4 h

Battery Voltage

24 V

Battery Charger Power

37 W rated

Battery Life

3…5 years

Network Frequency

45…65 Hz auto-sensing

Input Voltage Limits

165…290 V

Maximum Configurable Power In W

700 W

Ups Type

Line interactive

Wave Type

Sine wave

Maximum Configurable Power In Va

1000 VA




22 cm


16 cm


41 cm

Net Weight

13.6 kg


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