APC PM6U-GR 6 outlets with 5V+ 2.4A 2 port USB charger 230V Performance SurgeArrest

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Protect your electronic devices from power surges with the APC PM6U-GR 6-Outlet SurgeArrest. Featuring two USB charging ports and a 230V outlet, this compact and versatile protector is ideal for European homes and offices. Protect your valuable devices with superior protection and enjoy the fast charging for your mobile devices.

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6 outlets with 5V+ 2.4A 2 port USB charger 230V Performance SurgeArrest

The APC PM6U-GR 6-Outlets SurgeArrest with 5V 2.4A 2-Port USB Charger provides maximum power surge protection for computers, notebooks, and other electronics.

Designed to safeguard your valuable devices from voltage spikes, this surge protector ensures peace of mind with its superior protection capabilities.

With a main input voltage of 230 V and a Schuko CEE 7/7P input connection type, it is well-suited for European households and offices.

The device comes with a 2.00 m cable length, making it flexible for various setups.

Additionally, the provided user manual makes installation and operation straightforward.

User-Friendly Design and Specifications:

The APC PM6U-GR SurgeArrest features a sleek, white design that blends seamlessly into any environment.

Measuring 6.2 cm in height, 27.2 cm in width, and 11 cm in depth, this surge protector is compact yet highly functional.

Despite its robust build, it has a net weight of just 0.75 kg, that is making it easy to handle and install.

While it can be rack-mounted, it offers no specific mounting preference,

that is allowing users to place it wherever it’s most convenient.

The device’s versatility is further enhanced by its 2300 W input power and 50 Hz network frequency,

whereas making it compatible with a wide range of electronic devices.


APC PM6U-GR SurgeArrest’s Efficient Power Management:

Equipped with six power socket outlets that conform to the Schuko CEE 7 standard,

the APC PM6U-GR Surge Arrester also ensures ample connectivity for multiple devices.

The inclusion of two 5V 2.4A USB ports that is allows for the efficient charging of smartphones, tablets, and other USB-powered devices,

whereas reducing clutter and the need for additional chargers.

Besides a maximum input current and switching current capacity of 10 A, it efficiently manages power distribution,

that is preventing overloads and ensuring stable operation.

Certified Safety and Lifetime Protection:

This surge protector meets stringent safety standards, evidenced by its CE product certification.

APC’s confidence in their product’s durability and reliability reflected in the lifetime equipment protection policy,

which offers up to 50,000 euros in protection.

This comprehensive coverage ensures that your electronics are safeguarded against unexpected surges, providing long-term security for your investments.


APC PM6U-GR SurgeArrest’s Robust Environmental Adaptability:

Designed to operate in a variety of environmental conditions, the APC PM6U-GR surge protector also functions optimally ,

within an ambient air temperature range of 0 to 40 °C and a relative humidity of 0 to 95% non-condensing.

It can stored in temperatures ranging from -15 to 45 °C and at altitudes up to 50,000 feet,

Also making it highly adaptable to different climates and locations.

Its durability further ensured with a storage relative humidity of 0 to 95% and a storage altitude capability of up to 15,240 meters.

Superior Surge Protection and Filtering:

The APC PM6U-GR Surge Arrester engineered for superior APC surge protection and filtering.

It boasts a response time of just 1 ns in common mode,

Whereas ensuring immediate protection against surges.

With a common mode rejection of 40 dB and a peak current handling capacity of 48 kA in common mode, it effectively shields your devices from power surges.

The surge energy rate of 1836 J guarantees high-level protection,

while making it a reliable choice for safeguarding sensitive electronics.

Thoughtful Packaging and Warranty:

Packaging for the APC PM6U-GR surge protector designed with convenience and safety in mind.

The unit type of Package 1 (PCE) contains one unit, with dimensions of 14.8 cm in height, 14.8 cm in width, and 39.7 cm in length, and a weight of 887 g.

For bulk purchases, Package 2 (S03) holds five units, while Package 3 (P12) accommodates forty units, ensuring scalability for different needs.

The limited lifetime warranty, applicable in European Union countries,

whereas provides added assurance of the product’s longevity and APC’s commitment to quality.

APC PM6U-GR SurgeArrest’s Specs:

  • Input Voltage: 230 V
  • Input Connection Type: Schuko CEE 7/7P
  • Cable length: 2.00 m
  • Number of cables: 1
surge protector
surge protector

Main Input Voltage

230 V

Input Connection Type

Schuko CEE 7/7P

Cable length

2.00 m

Number of cables


Input power

2300 W

Network frequency

50 Hz

Maximum input current

10 A

Switching current capacity

10 A

Mounting preference

No preference

mounting mode





6.2 cm


27.2 cm


11 cm


Limited Lifetime (European Union countries only)


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