APC PM6-GR 6 outlets 230V SurgeArrest

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Protect Your Electronics with the APC PM6-GR 6-Outlet 230V SurgeArrest. This essential surge protector safeguards your valuable devices with 1836 joules of protection per outlet, offering peace of mind from power surges and fluctuations. Enjoy comprehensive defense for your computer, TV, and more

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6 outlets 230V SurgeArrest

Protecting our electronic devices from power surge protector and electrical interference is crucial, So comes the APC PM6-GR 6-Outlet 230V SurgeArrest, providing powerful protection for your valuable devices.

with features and benefits of this essential surge protector, ensuring you have peace of mind in the face of electrical uncertainties.

Six surge-protected ports for comprehensive device defense:

Equipped with six surge-protected ports, the APC PM6-GR SurgeArrest ensures comprehensive defense of your electronic arsenal.

Besides each outlet features a rating of 1836 joules, providing adequate protection against power surges, surges and fluctuations.

Whether it’s your computer, TV or gaming console, rest assured that your devices are protected from any potential damage.


APC PM6-GR SurgeArrest EMI and RFI filtering: protection against electrical interference:

Electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI) can malfunction your electronic devices, causing data errors and keyboard problems.

Besides its built-in EMI and RFI filter, the APC PM6-GR surge protector suppresses these disturbances, maintaining optimal performance of your equipment.

Compact design, maximum versatility:

Measuring just 6.2 x 27.2 x 11 cm and weighing just 0.69 kg, the APC PM6-GR surge protector features a compact design that integrates seamlessly into any setup.

Whether placed on a desktop or mounted on a stand, the versatile form factor ensures easy installation and placement flexibility.

No more bulky surge protectors and hello to simplified protection.

APC PM6-GR SurgeArrest EU certified for peace of mind:

Backed by CE certification and a limited lifetime EU warranty, the APC PM6-GR provides peace of mind and confidence in its quality and reliability.

With a warranty covering equipment protection, rest assured that your investment protected against unforeseen circumstances.


Superior surge protection and filtering performance:

With an extremely fast response time of just 1 nanosecond in common mode, the APC PM6-GR surge protection quickly neutralizes surges before they can damage your devices.

Additionally,  apc surge protector energy rating of 1,836 Joules ensures robust protection against even the strongest electrical disturbances.

So enjoy peace of mind knowing that your electronic devices are protected with top-tier surge protection technology.

Eco-friendly design for sustainable living:

Besides protecting your devices, APC PM6-GR surge protector also prioritizes environmental sustainability.

With operating temperatures ranging from 0 to 40°C and withstanding up to 95% non-condensing humidity, this surge protector is designed to thrive in diverse environmental conditions.

Moreover, its energy-efficient design reduces power consumption, promoting environmentally friendly living.

In summary, the APC PM6-GR surge protection Essential is a beacon of reliability and protection in an uncertain electrical landscape.

With its six surge-protected ports, EMI/RFI filtering capabilities, compact design, and powerful surge protection performance,

whereas it provides a comprehensive solution for protecting your valuable electronic devices.

Backed by EU certification and a limited lifetime warranty, it’s the perfect choice to ensure the longevity and performance of your devices.

APC PM6-GR SurgeArrest Features:

  • Main Input Voltage: 230 V
  • Input Connection Type: Schuko CEE 7/7P
  • Cable Length: 2.00 m
  • Number Of Cables: 1

Input Power

2300 W

Network Frequency

50 Hz

Maximum Input Current

10 A

Switching Current Capacity

10 A




6.17 cm


27.15 cm


11.03 cm

Net Weight

0.69 kg

Mounting Preference

No preference

Mounting Mode



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