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  • Yealink CP965 Conference Phone

    The Yealink CP965 is a conference phone designed to provide high-quality audio conferencing experiences for businesses and organizations. It offers advanced features and functionality to enhance communication and collaboration during conference calls.  The Conference Phone is a professional-grade device that combines exceptional audio performance with user-friendly features. It is designed to meet the demanding requirements of modern conference rooms and boardrooms, enabling effective communication among participants.

  • Yealink CP935W Conference Phone

    The CP935W Conference Phone is a high-quality, wireless conference phone designed to provide excellent audio performance and convenience in professional meeting environments. It is part of a premium conference phone series and offers advanced features and functionality.

  • Yealink CP935W-Base Conference Phone

    The Yealink CP935W-Base Conference Phone is a high-quality audio conferencing solution designed for medium to large meeting rooms. It provides advanced features and reliable performance to enhance collaboration and communication during conference calls.


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