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  • D-Link DGS-1250-28XMP 24 Port+4 SFP Port Smart Managed Switch

    The D-Link DGS-1250-28XMP Smart Managed Switch is a cutting-edge solution designed to enhance network capabilities with increased Power over Ethernet (PoE) output, a high number of ports, various management interfaces, and advanced Layer 2 features. This switch offers a cost-effective and adaptable option for expanding business networks.

  • D-Link DGS-F1210-26PS-E 26 port Smart Managed Switch

    15.000,00 EGP

    the D-Link DGS-F1210-26PS-E represents a paradigm shift in network connectivity, surveillance, and management. By leveraging the latest advancements in PoE technology, long-range transmission, and eco-friendly design, it offers a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking to enhance their infrastructure while minimizing costs and environmental impact. With its unmatched versatility, reliability, and performance, this switch empowers organizations to unleash the full potential of their network infrastructure, driving innovation and success in an increasingly connected world.


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