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  • RT Rack 15U, Wall Mount, Single Section 60cm depth,

    4.600,00 EGP

    The RT Rack 15U, Wall Mount, Single Section 60cm Depth is a reliable and efficient solution for storing network equipment and servers. Its features, including the 15U rack unit capacity, single-section design, and 60cm depth, make it a versatile choice for small to medium-sized businesses and home networks. By following the installation guide, you can easily set up the rack and benefit from its space-saving, organized, and secure design. With the advantages it offers, such as accessibility, organization, and ventilation, the RT Rack 15U can significantly enhance the performance and reliability of your network infrastructure.

  • RT Rack 15U, Wall Mount, Single Section 60cm depth

    4.600,00 EGP

    RT-W15U-6080GS is a high-performance WiFi router that offers a wide range of features and benefits. It is perfect for homes and businesses that need a reliable and powerful WiFi network.

    The RT-W15U-6080GS is easy to set up and configure, and it comes with a variety of security features to protect your data.

    Frequently Asked Questions


    • What is the difference between the RT-W15U-6080GS and the RT-W15U-5000GS?

    The RT-W15U-6080GS and the RT-W15U-5000GS are both dual-band WiFi routers with up to 600 Mbps wireless speeds. However, the RT-W15U-6080GS has a few key advantages:

    • It supports up to 50 devices connected at the same time, while the RT-W15U-5000GS supports up to 40 devices.
    • It has a USB 2.0 port, while the RT-W15U-5000GS does not.
    • It is compatible with the latest WiFi 802.11ac Wave 2 standard, while the RT-W15U-5000GS is only compatible with the WiFi 802.11ac standard.

    Overall, the RT-W15U-6080GS is a more powerful and versatile router than the RT-W15U-5000GS.

    • Is the RT-W15U-6080GS compatible with my Internet service provider?

    The RT-W15U-6080GS is compatible with most Internet service providers. It supports a wide range of Internet speeds, from DSL to fiber optic.

    To check compatibility, you can contact your Internet service provider.

    • How do I set up the RT-W15U-6080GS?

    To set up the RT-W15U-6080GS, you can follow the instructions in the user manual. The setup process is simple and takes about 15 minutes.

    • How do I configure the RT-W15U-6080GS?

    To configure the RT-W15U-6080GS, you can use the web-based management interface. The interface is user-friendly and provides a variety of options for configuring the router.

    • How do I secure my RT-W15U-6080GS?

    To secure your RT-W15U-6080GS, you should use a strong password for your WiFi network. You should also enable WPA2 encryption.

    In addition, you can configure the router’s firewall to block unauthorized access.

    • What are some tips for using the RT-W15U-6080GS?

    Here are a few tips for using the RT-W15U-6080GS:

    • Place the router in a central location in your home or office to get the best possible performance.
    • Avoid placing the router near metal objects or appliances that can interfere with the signal.
    • Update the router’s firmware regularly to ensure that it is running the latest security patches.

    I hope this information is helpful. Please let me know if you have any other questions.


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