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  • RT Rack 18U, 600x600mm, Temerd Glass Door 5.0mm,1.2 mm Thickness

    7.100,00 EGP

    The RT Rack 18U, 600x600mm is a 18-unit server rack with a depth of 600mm and a width of 600mm. It is a versatile rack that can be used to house a variety of networking and IT equipment. The rack features adjustable shelves, a ventilated rear panel, and a number of mounting options.

    Here is a more detailed product description:

    • 18-unit capacity
    • Depth: 600mm
    • Width: 600mm
    • Adjustable shelves
    • Ventilated rear panel
    • Mounting options for:
      • PDU
      • UPS
      • KVM switch
      • Patch panel

    The RT Rack 18U, 600x600mm is a great choice for businesses and organizations that need to store and protect a variety of IT equipment. It is a sturdy and reliable rack that is built to last.

    Here are some of the benefits of using the RT Rack 18U, 600x600mm:

    • It provides a secure and organized space for your IT equipment.
    • It helps to improve airflow and cooling, which can extend the lifespan of your equipment.
    • It makes it easy to access and service your equipment.
    • It can help to improve the efficiency of your IT infrastructure.


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