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Intelbras, founded in 1976, is a prominent Brazilian technology company renowned for its innovative and quality-driven communications, security, networking, and access control solutions . It operates through four main business units: Consumer, Enterprise, Security, and Networks.

In telecommunications, it offers a diverse range of products including mobile phones and PABX systems.

Its telephony solutions encompass Analog Centrals, Hybrid Centrals, and Centralized IP Centrals,

That is catering to various business needs while optimizing costs and service quality.

In security, Intelbras provides comprehensive surveillance solutions from cameras to access control devices,

that ensuring integrated protection for residential and commercial spaces.

Its focus on quality ensures superior performance in diverse conditions.

Networking solutions by Intelbras encompass a wide portfolio from rugged racks to cutting-edge 5G technology,

which delivering reliable performance for individuals and businesses alike.

The company also offers smart technology solutions,

while including home appliances and energy management systems, enhancing convenience and productivity.

In access control, Intelbras provides intercom systems, advanced locks, and automation devices,

ensuring safe and efficient entry into buildings and sensitive areas.

Furthermore, Intelbras demonstrates commitment to sustainability through solar solutions, UPS systems, and a range of USB accessories and electronic protection tools,

whereas promoting device connectivity and protection against electrical fluctuations.

Addressing lighting needs, Intelbras offers presence sensors and energy-efficient lighting solutions,

which enhancing energy efficiency and safety in various environments.

In summary, Intelbras stands as the ideal choice for customers seeking advanced, reliable,

and innovative technology solutions in communications, security, networking, and access control.


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